Eye to eye, We may never see. Burned bridges, We may never cross. Parachutes awaiting, to feel a safe landing. One of us saw the light, As the other was blind. He could see miles ahead, As the other refuse to see. via Parachutes — Inner Ramblings Boulevard:

“You’re in goldfish mode again, aren’t you?” My brain-injured son looks smug. I raise my eyes to the heavens. He’s right, I have completely forgotten half the things he just asked me to do. He takes a great and unholy delight in what he calls my six-second memory, especially when he shouldn’t have one at […]… Continue reading

Be sure to soak up some positive or uplifting content throughout your day because constant negativity will drain you… With Love, K. L. Author of “Everyday Isn’t Perfect”: http://a.co/6TfJh8t. via Positive Energy — The Ninth Life

* I have worn shoes covered with trails dust sticking loud louder than my long path of silence I have asked to see the way I could tread barefoot as in a dream where roads aren’t hard where people say without speaking love is reverence . . . . via Love is Reverence — annamosca

First we took Husbands, and split them into two groups — Good Men and Bad Men. And this isn’t about “nice guys” versus “bad boys.” Non-conformist “bad boys” engaging in mischief with sometimes aggressive, daring and tough exteriors can still be very good men. We’re talking about character. Not personality type. Women are often attracted […]… Continue reading

Is love not gracious and living self-giving? Can love be love apart from self-emptying? Ah! What is it, then, to think of self first And foremost while letting others thirst For genuine, selfless affection that bursts From a passionately compassionate heart That puts others first in every part of life? Yes, this turns modern thought […]… Continue reading